Perform Your Best When Feeling Your Worst

Nearly 90% of the adult population drinks caffeine on a daily basis. It's such an automatic part of our day, we don't think about it much. However, you'd be surprised how much caffeine can affect your overall health and mental well-being. People turn to caffeine when they're emotionally exhausted, but caffeine can't cure that kind of tiredness.

No, I am NOT going to virtually confiscate your coffee maker, lecture you about how sleep is important, or repeat energy drink stereotypes.

The truth is, not all coffees are good, and not all energy drinks are bad. Furthermore, HOW and WHEN you drink caffeine is just as important as HOW MUCH caffeine you drink, or where that caffeine comes from.

Thus, in my courses, You'll learn:

  • How much caffeine is safe
  • Whether your favorite coffee or energy drink is good or bad for your health
  • How to avoid caffeine jitters and side-effects without quitting caffeine all together
  • What to do when you feel like caffeine isn't helping

In short, you'll learn how to perform your best when stress/sleep-deprivation has you feeling your worst!

Meet the GreenEyedGuide

As “GreenEyedGuide”, I serve those who work beyond the "9-5" and rely on caffeine to get through it. After earning degrees in biochemistry and food science, I worked in the food/beverage and supplement industries for over a decade. That means I know what I'm looking for on a label, and I how to read between the lines.

As the founder of GEG Research and Consulting, I help people who feel like their caffeine isn't enough to combat stress and sleep-deprivation, or who worry about the impact of caffeine on their health. I help people who are tired of hearing "just get more sleep" or "that energy drink is going to kill you." This advice doesn't help anyone! That's where I come in.

I am the author of two books and the leading expert in the science behind energy drinks. GreenEyedGuide has helped shift workers, nurses, college students, and small business owners beat burnout with Caffeine Science.

5 Levels of Fatigue Workshop with Lake Country Family Fun

In this workshop, we went through the 5 Levels of Fatigue:

  • What each level looks and feels like
  • What kinds of coffee, tea, or energy drinks work best
  • How to combat each level WITHOUT caffeine

You can try this workshop, too, in the courses below.